Rouse Appraisals

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As one of the first Product Managers at Rouse, I joined the Appraisals department to help solve some of their biggest problems. Specifically, the Appraisals department found a need to transform their data gathering, analysis, and reporting process.

Working with a small but dedicated team, we were able to create three distinct products from 0-1.

The projects were:

Inspector App: A brand new iOS app built to assist construction equipment inspectors with gather asset data seamlessly

Admin Site: A website dedicated to providing analyst with quick and accurate access to asset data

Client Site: Client-facing website giving out customers a way to view their company's assets and value


  • A small but scrappy team can accomplish quite a lot
  • Nothing beats meeting users in person and seeing them use your product live
  • There's always more technical concepts to learn
  • There is a fine line balance between speed and quality. Don't underestimate the importance of automated testing