MH Advantage

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MH Advantage was created as a way to help very low-income Americans be able to afford their first home. It allowed the creation of a low 3% down payment for qualifying Manufactured Homes.

While not a traditional tech Product, my product [mortgages] served as the foundation for helping others achieve the American Dream.

The product was launched with great fan fare and I am proud that there are now people who own a home due to my work.


  • How to use techniques from other disciplines to strengthen my process. This comes from the realization that designing a financial product differs from a traditional web based application.
  • How to increase communication through all team members by optimizing the tools that are already in use like scrum mythology, Jira, and Slack.
  • How to approach a multi-sided platform and make sure you're solving for the correct side, aka "When the user feels X, the business feels Y".
  • How important it is to "get out of the office" and interact with all possible user types regularly.