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On February of 2021, I and many others were laid off as part of a reduction of force measure at Cognizant Softvision. It was a gut punch and one of the most difficult experience I have ever gone through.

After a few weeks of self-reflection, I was determined to make the best I could out of the situation.

I always found ecommerce extremely fascinating. The buzz of making balancing the needs of customer, ensuring constant supplies, and working within a platform. I saw that there was a huge need by the public for access to cheap and affordable personal protective equipment. I decided to jump into eBay as a full time seller of affordable PPE.

Over just the course of five months I sold $35,000 worth of PPE to consumers world wide. But for me, it was never about the money. It was always about learning about how ecommerce worked and helping my local community. I ended up donating around $20,000 worth of goods to local first responders and hospitals. The image above is a picture from nurses I donated some masks to.


  • Customer satisfaction is difficult to maintain but extremely rewarding. It feels great to go out of my way to ensure that a customer is happy with their purchase. Even if I have to issue refunds or take a hit on inventor
  • Procuring supplies, especially personal protective equipment, requires a significant amount of understanding laws and regulations
  • Always monitor the costs of business. Ecommerce platform fees quickly add up