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AppyHour was an audacious startup to revolutionize how advertising was done in the adult beverage industry. I, along with a team of five others, created an app that would help users find Happy Hours near them. The goal was to deliver highly personal and targeted ads that would help local small business advertise their establishment.

As the Founder and Product Manager I wore every hat. From sales, to marketing, to accounting. Almost everything was on my shoulders. I raised an initial seed round and convinced a rag tag team of engineers and marketers to join the journey.

My experiences with AppyHour showed me that Product Management was the career path that I wanted to go down towards. There's just nothing like launching a product and seeing it in the hands of users.


  • As a product from early in my Product Management career, this project taught me the importance of understanding of defining scope.
  • This process taught me how to balance the creation of a complete "perfect world" product while understanding what features are required for a successful MVP.
  • Strengthened my understanding of UX, giving me the ability to work start to finish with a talented team who helped to push the product vision forward.
  • What it means to be in a venture-backed startup, how it impacts decisions, and how to manage budgeting & burn rate while running lean.
  • How to utilize my natural "connector" abilities to strengthen my network and connect with CEOs and veterans of industry for mentorship.